Maps Maponyane

I believe a great role model is someone whom you can identify with and they never compromise their true self. They are prepared to put in the hard long hours of work to excel in their field and wake up every day with the aim of wanting to do better and improve themselves. It’s someone who knows that ‘success’ is not something you aim for but by simply committing to doing something you love and truly believe in then success will come naturally. Furthermore a great model does this whilst remaining respectful to all those around them.

My role model is my father. He came from very little but by putting in hard hours of work and immersing himself in what he loved, he managed to steer his life in a positive fruitful direction. He has great respect and time for all the people he encounters and values what they have to say and therefore never takes people for granted. He has always backed himself and he’s the reason I live by the motto that there is no such thing as impossible; it just takes longer than planned.


Maps Maponyane is a successful model, designer, television presenter and an entrepreneur. He’s the son to soccer legend, Marks Maponyane. He is Cosmo SA’s Sexiest Man 2013, GQ’s 2nd Best Dressed Man 2011 and named one of GQ’s Cool 35 Under 35.





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